How to paint a gable

AndyRoland/iStock/Getty Images

The gable is the most common roof shape in traditional home construction. It is a simple triangular shape formed by the two angles of the roof that meet in the centre at the peak. The wall of the gable begins at the top of the side walls and extends up to the peak.

In most cases you will need a ladder to reach the peak in order to paint the gable. Since house siding has multiple edges and textures, use a brush for best results and start from the top and work down.

Climb to the top of your ladder and brush the gable wall with a stiff wire brush. Work from the top down to remove loose and peeling paint to provide a sound foundation for the new paint.

Follow up with a soft brush, brushing off loose paint and dust. Continue down until the gable is free from loose paint.

Pour paint into an easy to handle container with a handle. An empty plastic coffee can works well. Dampen a cloth or rag and place it with your paintbrush, and paint container in a bucket with a handle.Tie a piece of cord, long enough to reach the top of the ladder onto the bucket and climb to the top of the ladder with the loose end of the cord tied around one wrist. Draw the bucket up with the cord once you reach the top of ladder.

Start at the bottom edge of the roof and paint the peak trim along both sides. Work down and paint the bottom edge of this trim, working in strokes parallel to the length of the trim and spreading it evenly to prevent runs and drips. Wipe stray drips right away with the damp rag.

Apply paint to the top plank of siding and spread your paint in horizontal strokes, working with the grain, or grain pattern of your siding. Work across the top in overlapping strokes, working down to paint the bottom edge of the plank.

Paint the next section of roof edge trim on each side about the height of a comfortable brush stroke. Slightly overlap the bottom of the painting you already did at the peak of the trim. Paint the next row or two of siding and continue in this pattern, painting the trim, then moving on to the siding.

Continue down the siding to the bottom of the gable. Allow this coat to dry to the touch, then go back to the top and add a second coat.