The Advantages of Mobile Masts

The mobile phone is the most common means of communication in the world today. A mobile phone mast is a structure consisting of antennas and communication equipment that facilitates the transmission of cellular network signals. Research indicates that people have constant fears about health hazards associated with the radio frequency transmitted from mobile masts; however, there is no evidence of adverse health effects. Mobile masts do offer a number of benefits.

Effective Communication

Mobile phone masts provide communication that otherwise would be impossible. They increase the strength of signal transmission and coverage. This is vital for individuals in day-to-day social communication and businesses that depend on fast telecommunication connection for the effective execution of transactions.

Meteorological Measurements

Meteorological measurements acquired from data in mobile mast stations are more accurate as compared to traditional methods, such as the use of rain gauges and radar.


When radio waves transmitted from mobile radio masts travel through the atmosphere, they bounce off any stationary structures they strike, such as buildings; this enables the receiving station to monitor activities of moving objects in the specific field. This presents security forces with the ability to offer quality surveillance services over a large area, as they can monitor terrorist activities, traffic and other security issues.

Lease Contracts

Mobile phone masts set up on private property offer economic opportunities. The landlord gets rent benefits if he agrees to award a certain company the rights to erect a mast on his property. Additionally, this is a boost to a country's economy in terms of licensing and taxes, especially where network providers compete by erecting a number of mobile mast stations and increase network coverage.

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