Decorating Ideas Using Golf Clubs

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Some golf lovers would adore a decorative item to display made from their old golf clubs as a gift. When considering what to create with golf clubs, take into consideration the wear and tear on the golf club you would use. For example, you might want to paint the golf clubs.

If so, try golf-themed colours--green for grass and white for golf balls.


Incorporate old clubs as your curtain rods and hang golf-themed curtains from them. Purchase brackets on which to place the golf club curtain rods, and hang the curtains by sliding the curtain openings onto the rods. If your window is particularly wide, glue the handles of two clubs together to form a long curtain rod. Once the glue dries, set the curtain rod into the brackets.

Hat Tree

Tie three or more golf clubs together tepee style to form a hat tree. For added security, you may wish to glue the twine or string onto the golf clubs. Strategically arrange hats on your golf club hat tree. If you wish, you may paint the clubs with spray paint before you assemble the tree for an added decorative touch.

Hanging Organizer

Purchase brackets and hooks. You may need to file the screw part off the hooks, leaving only the hook part, and hot-glue the hooks onto a golf club. This allows you hang small items from the golf club, and is decorative as well.

Shoe Rack

Purchase a wooden shoe rack with three removable inserted racks, and remove the racks. Insert golf clubs into the slot where the racks were and arrange shoes. If you wish, you may paint the rack a grassy green.

Memento Shelf

Glue golf clubs to the front edge of a shelf with a hot-glue gun. This allows you to personalise a shelf for displaying your golf mementos. Consider hanging this item over a window or door.