Pop rivet uses

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Pop riveting is accomplished with a special tool and rivets of varying lengths and diameters. This kind of riveting allows fastening elements that are only reached from a single side. Riveting in this manner is termed blind riveting because the back side of the work is not accessible to secure the fastener.

Pop riveting is common for industrial uses and many hobby and home repair applications because the rivets are inexpensive and simple to apply.

Aircraft Applications

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The aircraft industry has made use of pop rivets in many critical areas of aircraft construction. Pop rivets are used on the leading and trailing areas of wing and tail surfaces where fabrication access is limited to one side.

Attaching Auto Licence Plates

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Pop rivets are an excellent fastener for attaching number plates to the automobile on the bracket provided by the car manufacturer. The rivets are applied from the outside without the necessity to reach the back side of the number plate. The aluminium rivets are rustproof and extremely difficult for would-be license thieves to remove number plates from the car.

Lightweight Frames

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Constructing lightweight frames is simplified using pop rivet fasteners. L-shaped aluminium framing is quickly and securely joined in many configurations with pop rivets. Framing is cut to size and adjoining pieces clamped temporarily for drilling prior to insertion of the rivets. Rivets of different lengths and diameters provide fabrication options.

Aluminium Boat Repairs

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If you own a shallow draft boat or canoe with an aluminium skin, the pop rivet gun makes an excellent emergency repair tool. Keep a rivet gun and selection of rivets and washers on board to repair small punctures. It provides a quick and easy fix until a permanent repair is made.

Shutters and Gutters

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Metal shutters and gutters are easily repaired with a pop rivet tool. Screws that attach aluminium shutters often fall out due to wind vibration and weathering. Pop rivets make for solid replacement of worn or lost screws at corners or for fixing hinges. Gutters that become detached from brackets are quickly and durably repaired with pop rivets.

Aluminium Step Ladders

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Wear and tear can break or dislodge the rivets that fix steps to the side rails on aluminium ladders. The versatile pop rivet makes easy work of repair or replacement. Drill out the worn or broken rivet before setting the pop rivet in place.

Race Car Body Work

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The cosmetic skins that are applied to high strength tubular frames on a race car are fastened in place with pop rivets. Mid-race repairs often utilise pop rivets to repair damaged sections of the car's body.