Types of wall partitions

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Partitions are movable walls that are used to divide space inside of a building or a house. They function to create separation between rooms or block off the sights and sounds of a particular area. Wall partitions are simple to break down and are completely portable. There are a wide variety of partitions to choose from and their versatility allows for use in many settings.

Movable Walls

Movable walls are the easiest types of partition systems to move around. They are completely flexible and help to divide up a larger space. The walls have heavy insulation that allows excess noise to be blocked out. Movable partitions come in a variety of materials such as wood or glass and offer a stylish alternative for creating space.

Operable Walls

Operable walls are the most flexible of all partitioning systems. They don't require tracks and are installed with minimal effort. The walls are a fully insulated, soundproof option for dividing large spaces. Operable panels are versatile and are even designed with built-in windows. The walls require very little maintenance and repairs are generally done on site.

Divider Curtains

Divider curtains are most often used to section off a large gymnasium or auditorium. The curtain is hooked onto rings, and can be easily moved about. A more advanced motorised version is available and includes a remote. The curtain is made of a mesh material, which is lightweight and simple to manoeuvre.

Glass Partition Walls

Glass partition walls can be easily moved and are often used in such places as shopping malls and airports. The glass can be made clear or tempered depending on usage and personal preference. They are easily cared for and can be cleaned just like any other glass.

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