Rules for completing an mg11 statement

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Police stations in the United Kingdom (UK) use MG11 to take witness statements. The statements are authorised under the UK's Criminal Justice Act of 1967 (as amended), which recognises that witnesses should not be forced to attend court unless it is unavoidable. (See reference 1.

) By using MG11 to record a witnesses statement, court proceedings can continue without forcing witnesses to attend proceedings.

Write the facts in the statement section

Begin the form by writing your statement. Skip the top half of the form for now. In the statement section, write down all the facts regarding the incident that you can remember. Form MG11 typically accompanies some document explaining the reason for your statement (such as by referencing "an incident that occurred on or about [date]"). Use as many pages as necessary to complete your statement. Use specifics including descriptions of individuals, description of the time of day (including weather conditions) and a rough time line of the events.

  • Begin the form by writing your statement.

Answer questions in the questionnaire section

Some MG11 forms, such as the one used by the Thames Valley Police, contain a questionnaire after the witness statement section that asks such questions as whether you are willing to attend court, if you have any specific needs (such as transportation requirements) and whether you consent to police having access to your information (such as medical records). Check "yes" or "no" to each question and answer them truthfully. When asked to explain (such as if you require special needs), write the answer on the line provided.

Fill out the top Half of the MG11

When you have finished with your statement and the questionnaire, complete the top half of the form. The reason you complete this last section is because you must write the number of pages your statement is comprised of and you must swear that the information contained in the document is true by signing on the line. Write your name next to "statement of:" and write "over 18" (if you are over 18; otherwise, write your age), as well as your occupation on the line "occupation."

Submit the completed form to the agency

With the form complete, submit it to the agency requesting your statement. This most likely will be a UK police department. It may be a prosecuting agency or, in some instances, a defence agency using a similar MG11 form.