Deer Feed Mixes

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When feeding deer, whether it is in your back yard, in the wild or on a farm, it is important to remember that deer have sensitive stomachs and need a balanced diet just like us. There are many products out there that claim to be deer food but many are either food supplements--not replacements--or they do not meet the dietary requirements of deer. Another important fact to remember is that deer need different diets depending upon their age and the season, making it frustrating to try to keep up with their ever changing needs.

Purina AntlerMax Deer Chow Pellets

Purina has a new product out called AntlerMax Deer Chow Pellets with WaterShield technology. Purina claims that it repels water, making it the perfect food for all weathers as it does not clog up feeders when it gets wet. This food also saves on the labour that would be needed to clean the feeders and the money that it would cost to replace the lost food. According to Purina the water shield does not affect the taste of the food and because it can withstand the weather, the deer don't have to go without food. There is less wastage of the food because the consumption rate is so high.

Antlers Plus

Antlers Plus Deer Nutrition is an example of a supplement to be added to a deer's natural diet. It comes in small brown pellets and according to Antlers Plus " flavoured to enhance palatability and help stimulate consumption." The pellets are reported as being able to last longer in the outdoors, and when eaten by deer it creates less waste because it has a higher rate of digestibility than other foods. Antlers Plus Deer Nutrition is also safe for other mammals that may come along and consume the pellets.

Antler King

Antler King is a company that makes a number of products directed towards deer. They have different types of feed and supplements depending on what is specifically required. According to Antler Kings' website, they have been researching deer food and deer nutrition for 25 years. The product that they designed is called Final Feast. This food has all the necessary ingredients to provide the minerals and nutrients that are required in a deer's diet. One of their supplements is designed to help the growth of a bucks antlers by providing 27 different minerals to help build them up. It has a special culture that helps the deer's body absorb the minerals and additives when they eat it. It is called Trophy Deer Mineral and can be added to the deer food or just poured on the trail.

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