Popular Hairstyles for Male Dominicans

Hot and confident, Joan Guerrero, Flickr.com

Dominican males are said to have the edgiest styles, impacting popular trends in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. The popularity of reggaeton and merengue music, baseball heroes and urban art has been largely influenced by the style of mestizo (mix of African, Spanish and native)Dominicans. From flashy to trendy to traditional hair cuts, Dominicans exude confidence and creativity in their attention to detail and bold statements.

Close Shave

Hot and confident, Joan Guerrero, Flickr.com

Sexy, bold close shaves demonstrate seriousness, openness and confidence. To get the look made popular by critically-acclaimed Dominican author Junot Diaz, ask for the close shave. Dominican barbers are also known for detailed shaves and beautiful designs, so be sure to state if you would like some extra flair on your scalp. This style is best in warm weather.

High and Tight

Otherwise known as the Marine Corps, Army, or faded buzz-cut haircut, this style usually has very short cut around the sides of the head (1/16 inch or shorter) with a longer cut on the top of the head (1/4 inch or longer). This haircut is popular for the fade combining the two lengths and its ease for self-maintenance. To get this cut, begin with the largest guard at the middle of the head (ear level) and shape up. Continue to downsize in guard-size for the lower, closer-cut levels.


Krisspy sporting the braids, Imagenesdominicanos, Flickr.com

Famous Dominican merengue-tipico singer Krisspy set the trend of braids, or cornrows, hairstyle. Hair is tightly braided to the scalp in rows, either in straight lines or decorative geometric designs. Trenzas (braids in Spanish) is especially popular for ease of maintenance, as braids can hold up for up to a few weeks. You can wash and oil the scalp to keep skin looking healthy. Hair should be at least a few inches long to be able to hold in braids.

Long and loose

The Spanish influence in Dominican culture contributes to wavy and fine hair, in which is typically worn in a washed-back and moussed style. Hair is typically one or 2 inches long and brushed back from the forehead. You can tease the fringe back and add mouse or hairspray to keep a sleek and silky look.


Made popular in the mid-1900s in the United States, the afro, or 'fro, is back in the DR. African-Caribbean, or mestizo, pride influences the Dominican Republic through this haircut. Hair is kept natural and at least 1 inch long. To shape the afro, use a pick to frizz coarse hair to stand up on its ends.

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