What Types of Clothing Do Muslims Wear?

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Muslims are known for their very modest clothing. The Koran, the holy book of Islam, teaches Muslims to "lower their gaze and be modest," according to islamicclothing.org.

Muslims believe dressing modestly demonstrates their obedience to God and allows them to be judged on their character and actions and not on their appearance. The traditional clothing for both men and women is comprised of long, flowing fabrics that cover most of their bodies.

Men's Clothing

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Many Muslim men wear thobes. A thobe is a very loose, long-sleeved garment that falls right below the ankle. Summer thobes are generally white and made of cotton. Winter thobes are darker and are often made of wool. Muslim men also wear a tagiyah, which is a white knitted cap that fits tightly over the head. The ghutra is a scarf made of cotton or silk, which is folded and worn over the tagiyah. The agal is a thick, black cord worn on top of the ghutra like a headband to hold the ghutra in place.

Women's Clothing

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Muslim women often wear abayas. An abaya is a very loose robe that covers the body from head to toe. Another option for the Muslim woman is the jilbab, which is a loosefitting dress that resembles a cloth raincoat. The jilbab covers the body and can be worn over other clothing. Some women also wear a niqab, which is a veil that covers the face right below the eyes and falls past the neck. Many women wear a hijab, which is a long scarf worn over the head to cover the woman's hair. Some women adorn their hijabs with accessories, like pins and brooches.

Children's Clothing

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Muslim boys wear thobes, much like Muslim men. The thobes for boys are often called diahdash and the fabric used is generally polyester. Muslim boys also wear skull caps, like the tagiyah men wear. Muslim girls often wear either abayas or jilbabs to cover their bodies, like Muslim women. Many Muslim girls also wear a hijab to cover their head and hair.