3rd Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

birthday cake image by nTripp from Fotolia.com

Most 3-year-old boys have favourite colours, characters and activities that can translate into winning birthday party themes. Let his favourite superhero, storybook or television characters dictate games, food and favours. Provide preschool-appropriate games and activities to avoid boredom and meltdown.

Theme Ideas

Choose your 3-year-old's favourite character or television show as a theme, or go with a tried-and-true favourite of the male toddler set. Mainstays include circus and farm animals, pirates, cowboys, construction, knights and dragons; and most anything with an engine such as cars, trucks, trains, and planes.

Activities and Games

Set up face painting, craft and colouring stations based on the party's theme. Hang a pinata in the shape of the highlighted superhero or character and have children bust it open to dispense candy. Provide bags or cups that children can fill with candy to take home as favours. Simple relay races such as filling a container with water from one bucket and running to empty it in another will keep children engaged, as will bean bag and water toss games, musical chairs and freeze dancing. If the budget allows, hire a petting zoo with bunnies, goats and ponies, or haul in a commercial-grade jumpy that can accommodate a group of children.

Party Favors

Fill goody bags with party favours that relate to the theme. Include action figures for a superhero-themed party or stuffed animals for a party with a farm or circus theme. Toy trucks work as favours at a construction-themed party.


Simple finger foods work well for fast-moving toddlers. Chicken fingers, sliced fruit and vegetables, pretzels and bite-sized sandwiches are easy to prepare and please most toddlers. Avoid choking hazards such as whole grapes. Some items, including chicken fingers and sandwiches, can be shaped with a cookie cutter to fit the party theme. Cupcakes are more toddler friendly than cake since they don't require a fork.