Feature Wall Decorating Ideas

wall niche image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.com

If you're keen to create interest and impact in a room, and liven up an otherwise dull or bare wall, then a feature wall can be the ideal solution. It's a chance to be creative in your decorating and let your personality or interests shine through.

Here are some practical ideas to put into action to create a stunning feature wall in your own home.

Wallpapered Feature Wall

Choose a bright, bold or unusual design of wallpaper to create an interesting feature wall. One wallpapered wall can look very effective in a room and naturally draw the eyes to it, especially if the other walls are painted in a contrasting colour. Depending on the size of the wall, you may only need one or two rolls of wallpaper, which is more cost-effective than covering all the walls in a room with wallpaper. Wallpapered feature walls look great in the living room, dining room or bedroom.

Decorate With Plates

Gather a selection of special plates that you can group together on a wall to create a striking feature. Choose a collection of vintage plates that have a shared history, use modern plates to create a contemporary look or plates with interesting colours or designs. For the most effective look, use nine plates and assemble them in three horizontal rows, or randomly place them around the wall. Plates can be used for feature walls in any area of the house, but can work particularly well in dining rooms or in the stairway.

Wall Decals

Purchase a large, bold or unusual wall decal or wall sticker to create impact on your feature wall. For a contemporary effect, choose a modern design, such as a quirky bar code, fingerprint or birds on a wire, or for a more classic effect, use a chandelier or large swirl wall decal. Decals are easy to use and apply and look effective as feature walls in rooms such as the living room, hallway or bedroom.

Photo Montage

Frame your favourite family photos, images of days out or historical snaps of previous generations and create a photo montage feature wall. For a quirky and creative look, use different sized photos and frames, and arrange them randomly on the wall. If you have one very large framed photo, place it in the middle and arrange the other pictures around it. This type of feature wall works well in bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room, a study and up the stairs.

Mosaic Tiles

Use mosaic tiles to create a unique piece of art on a feature wall. Choose mosaic tiles in bright colours, shiny effects and mirrored pieces and draw a design on the wall in pencil before filling it in with glued-on mosaic tiles. If you're new to mosaic work, sketch out the idea before applying it to the wall and choose a simple design that doesn't involve too much tile cutting. Grout the finished mosaic art together at the end. A mosaic wall is particularly effective in a bathroom or kitchen.