Hair styles & cuts for maltese dogs

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Maltese dogs are known for having long, thick coats that naturally grow to longer lengths. Many styles and haircuts for Maltese dogs are similar to those of Yorkies and Shih Tzus. The long hair on this breed allows for a wide option of hairstyles and cuts.

Short Cut

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For easy grooming and keeping your dog cool in warmer months, try a Maltese short cut. A short cut is easily maintained and acts as a preventive measure against snarls and matting. For this style, the hair on his head is combed back and trimmed between the ears at the top of his neck, and the hair is carefully shaved around his eyes. His sides and back are trimmed very short with clippers leaving the outer fur on his legs long with high arches to create a long-legged effect. The inside of his legs and his underside are also shaved.

Ribbons, Bows and Barrettes

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If you choose to keep your Maltese's hair longer, you can create pretty feminine styles for her by using little girl's hair accessories. Comb the hair on the top of her head upward and away from her eyes. Secure it with a small rubber band to create a high ponytail and wrap a ribbon round the hair band to create a bow. Or you can part her hair in the middle on top of her head and comb it to the sides, fastening it back above the ears with a small barrette on each side.

Long Cut

If you like a longhair natural look on your Maltese dog, you can still cut and trim his hair for comfort and neatness without sacrificing much of the length. This style will require regular brushing, bathing and blow-drying to prevent knots and snarls in his fur. Trim the hair on the top of his head to create the look of fringe and keep his vision from being obstructed. Brush his coat gently and, using a comb, part his fur down the middle of his back from his neck to his hind end. Brush the hair downward on each side to create a long cascading look.