The Uses of Dettol

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People have been using Dettol around their homes for more than 70 years. Dettol is a disinfectant from the United Kingdom. According to Dr. Mike Thomspon of the University of Bristol, Dettol is made from chloroxylenol, pine oil, isopropyl alcohol, castor oil soap, caramel and water.

Chloroxylenol is an antibacterial and anaesthetic which kills 98 per cent of microbes in 15 seconds. Dettol has a slightly antiseptic smell.

Household Cleaning

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Dettol is a multi-purpose germ-killing household cleaner. You can use Dettol in its undiluted state for stubborn marks on counters, sinks or toilet. For mopping a kitchen floor, use a few capfuls of Dettol in a bucket of warm water. You can use the same solution to clean surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens or children's nurseries. Dettol kills surface germs on children's plastic toys and high chairs as well.

First Aid

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A diluted mixture of Dettol can be used as an antiseptic to clean and sterilise cuts, abrasions and insect bites. Pour one capful into two cups of water and use the solution to treat the injured area. If a wound has dirt on it, Dettol cleans and kills the bacteria to prevent infection. Dettol is a concentrated solution. Using undiluted Dettol could irritate the wound.


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Dettol's antibacterial qualities also work in the laundry. Regular detergent at low temperatures isn't enough to kill germs in your laundry. Add a few capfuls of Dettol to your load along with regular laundry detergent. Putting Dettol in your laundry can leave a slight antiseptic smell on your clothes, but they will be germ-free. If you work as a nurse, chef or similar job, washing with Dettol leaves your uniforms germ-free.

Skin Conditions

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If you suffer from itchy or inflamed skin, add two capfuls of Dettol to your bath water. Dettol is insoluble in water, which will produce an emulsion. Bathing in Dettol helps people with skin conditions by cleaning and removing bacteria around the effected area. Acne is caused partially by bacteria, so Dettol can help in the fight for clearer skin. Again, use only diluted Dettol as a topical antiseptic.