Job Ideas for a Deaf Person

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Except for the ability to hear, deaf people are much like everyone else, with many of the same needs and responsibilities. As such, the need to find a suitable job that provides a stable income is the same for the deaf as for those who can hear. Deaf people can choose from a wide range of job choices, in nearly any field or industry and may only be limited by practical or safety issues.


Deaf people can excel in professional sports in spite of their lack of hearing. This is especially true in non-team sports such as racing, running, bicycling, swimming, tennis or golf. Even participating in team sports is possible. Many people don't realise that the concept of the football huddle was invented in 1896 by the deaf quarterback of the all-deaf Gallaudet University football team.


Choosing a career in education can offer many opportunities for deaf people. While teaching sign language is an obvious choice, nearly any subject can be adapted for instruction by a deaf person. This can be accomplished through the use of printed teaching materials, visual presentations, written communications or by communicating through a sign language interpreter or teaching assistant. Teaching online courses also offers deaf instructors the ability to teach nearly any subject offered, as the majority of communications are completed via e-mail or other online technologies.


The fact that Ludwig van Beethoven continued to compose long after losing much of his ability to hear should prove that deaf people can also aspire to be musicians. Many instruments, such as the piano, guitar and horns, give off vibrations that allow deaf people to "hear" the music.


Deaf people with a good command of sign language and the ability to read lips can work as interpreters for other deaf people by translating various means of verbal communication. This can include working as a sign language interpreter for plays, movies, professional presentations or even concerts. Jobs translating television shows or movies into captioned text are also a possibility.

High Noise Jobs

Jobs that expose people to high noise levels that can potentially harm hearing can be perfect for deaf people. Jobs working with loud machinery, in close proximity to trains or aeroplanes, or around loud music provide hearing-impaired people an advantage over the hearing.

Artist / Writer

Deaf people can be artists or writers. In some cases, deaf people in these fields may benefit from the lack of distraction.


Working with computer programming languages or software packages requires little to no verbal interaction. Jobs as a computer programmer, website developer, Internet security specialist, or graphics designer can offer many opportunities for deaf people.

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