Septic tank grants

On-site septic systems treat wastewater in rural and suburban areas where homes are not connected to public sewer systems. Typical septic systems often are expensive to install because the tank and drain field are underground. Because it is vital to environment protection to ensure that wastewater is properly treated, the government provides several grants to help homeowners install new systems or repair existing ones.

Section 319 Grants

The Environmental Protection Agency provides grants to states so the states can control non-point sources of water pollution, including septic systems that no longer are working correctly. According to the EPA, Section 319 funds may be used to construct, repair, or improve private septic systems in states "where on-site systems have been identified as a significant source of pollution." Go to the EPA Section 319 website for more information about the application process.

Rural Development Funding

The U. S. Department of Agriculture provides funds that will cover the repair and maintenance of private septic systems. The amount of funds available, as well as the specific purposes for which grants are intended, changes from year to year. Go to the Department of Agriculture's rural development website for information on available funds and application deadlines.

Community Development Block Grants

Community Development Block Grants are available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. These funds are made available to states, which then allocate money to communities. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these funds may be used for the improvement of water and sewer facilities, which may include the construction or repair of residential septic systems. These grants usually are applied for by groups of citizens rather than an individual. Go to the Department of Housing and Urban Development website for more information.

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