Ideas for a Small Front Yard

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Even if you are working with limited space, your front yard can change the entire look and feel of your home. This is the first area people see when they visit your house. First impressions do mean a lot, so create a front yard that complements the colour and style of your home. Select flowers, trees and shrubs that suit your taste.


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If you love herbs, plant mint shrubs in a row along the front walkway of your house. You will enjoy the fresh scent of mint as you walk up to your home, and you can even prune this shrub and use the mint leaves to cook with. Plant lemon or lime trees in your front yard along with grass.


Install garden lights on the four corners of your front yard and walkway. These lights will illuminate plants at night, making your home look more inviting even after sunset. Choose lights that automatically turn on when the sun goes down. These lights are decorative and they will make life easier when you walk up to your door at night.

Tree Stump Walking Path

Rather than installing stones or bricks, create a walking path with tree stumps. The stumps will lead right up to your front door just like bricks or a cement path would. Dig large holes and bury the tree stumps deep in the ground, leaving only 1 or 2 inches above the dirt. The top of the stumps should be visible. Plant small flowers such as tulips or daisies in a row next to your tree stump walking path.

You can buy tree stumps at lumbar yards or home improvement stores.

Yard D├ęcor

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Decorating with yard decor is another way to make your front yard look more attractive. Go to your local plant nursery or home improvement store and buy a small fountain and other yard art such as a windmill flower. A windmill flower is a piece of garden art that is placed in the ground.

Install your water fountain in the centre of your front yard or closer to the door, depending on available space. If your home is simple and old-fashioned, install a white picket fence with a gate in your front yard.

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