Qualities of a childcare worker

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Childcare workers find employment in day care centres, government funded programs, or private businesses. They provide children with valuable learning experiences while enjoying age-appropriate activities. Children look up to their childcare workers to provide the child with a safe and fun environment.

Childcare requires a lot of time and work, especially when developing new relationships with children and families. Childcare is an emotional and physical demanding job that provides a constant feeling of accomplishment and reward.

Certifications and experience

A childcare worker should obtain all certification and education requirements to care for children and become a registered child minder. There are no specific educational requirements to be a registered childminder, however, you will have to submit to a background check. Companies may also accept childcare workers based on previous qualifications. This may include educational requirements, experience, or a combination of both.

Communication skills

Effective communication is important for a childcare worker to possess as most of his time will be spent communicating with children, parents, guardians, and coworkers. Along with oral communication skills, the childcare worker must be proficient at written communication. Workers coordinate meals and activities to provide the child with the most beneficial schedule and atmosphere for his age group. Patience and an understanding mindset are helpful to have as a childcare worker. Consultations will be required when behaviour is under discussion and workers should be prepared to discuss this in a delicate and professional manner with parents and guardians.


Desire to succeed and make a difference in a child's life is highly desirable. To do so, you must be easily motivated and successful. Many relationships are based on trust, so childcare workers must be trustworthy and reliable. Stamina is required as the worker will be active in teaching and caring for the children. Sometimes lifting is involved during activities or while helping children. Schedules for childcare workers can sometimes be long and days off may be limited. At times, the atmosphere may be stressful or demanding, so it is important to maintain a good attitude throughout the childcare worker career.