Funny talent show skit ideas

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Talent shows are great events for fun or school fundraisers. Students love talent shows because they can be silly and do outrageous skits. Encourage students to think creatively. Keeping the audience laughing will ensure that your talent show becomes an anticipated annual event.

Bubble Gum

The only props needed for the hilarious Bubble Gum skit are a chair and a piece of gum. Person No. 1 walks to the chair at the front of the stage, takes a piece of gum from his mouth and sticks it on the back of the chair. Then he walks away. Person No. 2 walks to the chair and leans on its back. He realises the gum is on his hand and is disgusted. He wipes the gum on the seat of the chair and walks away. Person No. 3 enters and sits on the chair. He gets up and realises the gum is stuck to his butt. He peels it off in disgust, throws it on the ground, and walks off. Person No. 4 enters and steps on the gum. He realises what has happened, peels the gum off his shoe, and sticks it to the back of the chair. Person No. 1 re-enters, pulls the gum off the back of the chair, and puts it in his mouth. As he walks away, the audience explodes into laughter.

Gotta Go Wee!

Everyone in the skit lies on the floor in a line, pretending to sleep. This skit can have as many people as you want. The last person in the line says, "I gotta go wee!" Each scout repeats the request all the way down the line to the "leader" at the other end. The leader asks, "Can you hold it?" Then every person repeats the question all the way down the line to the end again. The person on the end says again, "I really gotta go wee!" Repeat passing the requests down the line two or three times. Then when the message gets to the last person again, he gets up and runs around the stage yelling, "Wee!"

Romeo and Juliet

A funny script is great to follow for a school talent show skit. Have the actors dress as the characters from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Juliet should speak seriously and confidently. When Romeo recites his lines, he should randomly stop and say, "What?" Someone backstage then yells the meaning of the line in modern terms. This can be quite funny with the right exaggeration and acting.