Reasons to Become a Midwife

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Choosing to become a midwife is an important life decision. Becoming a midwife is a personal journey far beyond medical training and knowledge. The most important part of the journey begins with examining your own life and reasons for wanting to become a midwife.

Every midwife has different reasons for choosing the path of midwifery. Many women make the decision in order to promote and support natural childbirth, to empower woman and families and to answer a calling for a meaningful career.

Support Natural Childbirth

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Midwives support natural childbirth including home births, water births, births in birthing centres and even in hospital settings when necessary. Midwives strive to minimise technological interventions and provide the most natural childbirth possible. Midwives believe that natural childbirth provides the best birthing experience for babies and mothers; however minimal technological intervention is used when necessary.

Empower Women Naturally

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Midwives help women to reconnect with their natural power and instincts for giving birth. They provide physical, emotional and psychological care throughout the entire process--from conception to pregnancy, before and during labour and after birth care. Midwives focus on the overall wellness of the mother and child, providing individualised care based on the mother's needs. The holistic approach to childbirth reconnects mothers to their internal instincts and creates a type of bond between mother and midwife. Midwifery also sustains the connection between women helping women in childbirth as was practised prior to childbirth becoming a medical condition.

Meaningful Career Opportunities

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Midwifery is more than a career choice; it is a calling to a philosophy of care. Midwifery is a meaningful career choice for those who have been called to the profession. In addition to providing prenatal care and labour assistance, midwives provide education, counselling and resources the mother needs before, during and after birth. Choosing the path of midwifery is a rewarding and meaningful journey for those who understand and are dedicated to the philosophy of care. Money may be a contributing factor, however should not be the main reason for choosing midwifery. Midwives can choose to work as employees with benefits or in private practice with the flexibility of self-employment, averaging between £19,500 to £52,000 yearly, according to Citizens for Midwifery.