Loft Storage Ideas

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A traditional loft--usually one large room that has to serve multiple purposes--poses challenges for its occupant, who must not only decorate the loft but also make the most of the limited space. Even a small amount of clutter can put the entire room in disarray, but fixing it takes less time than you'd think. To find a place for everything in your home, start with a thorough assessment of the room, looking for spots where you can stash, store and hide your stuff.

Basic Storage First

Use the existing storage space in your loft to your advantage, such as cupboards, cabinets and closets, as the first lines of attack against clutter. Make sure that everything stored in your basic storage facilities has a purpose and hasn't been mindlessly accumulated. Objects that do little more than collect dust have no place in your basic storage and take up much-needed space for more important objects. Make a case for every single object as to its value and purpose in your home. Whatever does not meet your criteria of importance gets donated to charity or thrown away.

Harness Hidden Spaces

Hidden storage places include under your bed, beneath high pieces of furniture such as an end table or against empty walls in low-traffic areas. The key to successfully using hidden storage space, without making it look like a piling area for junk, is the camouflage used to disguise it. A tall, trendy screen or room divider positioned strategically in front of an unused corner of your home makes an instant storage receptacle. Likewise, large baskets positioned under tables and chairs serve as decorative storage bins.

Double-Duty Furniture

Sometimes the easiest way to create more space involves reducing the amount of furniture in your home. Instead of having a bed and a sofa, a sofa bed serves two functions in one piece. Similarly, a dining table becomes a makeshift ironing board when covered with a heavy piece of heatproof fabric or use it as a desk or craft table. Small boxes to hold supplies, stored near the table, help turn the space into a viable workstation when necessary.

Create Your Own Space

Most home-improvement stores have ready-made organizational systems that can help you get started. Shelving wall systems that you attach to a wall or hanging shelves secured to the ceiling quickly create more space. With a tight budget, create your own shelves by using inexpensive pieces of particleboard connected to "L"-shaped brackets attached to a wall. Add a splash of paint to match the rest of the room's decor.

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