Wood Burning Fireplace Ideas

fireplace image by Michael Shake from Fotolia.com

Wood burning fireplaces are a very nice addition to a room and models are available that can tie in to nearly any room's ambience. Wood burning fireplaces have installation methods for most situations and can be added to rooms that are located in any part of a home with enough modification. Wood stoves are a good alternative to gas burning stoves and create a wonderful source for heat and natural light.

Room positioning

The position of a fireplace in a room needs to be considered before installation. It is important to position a fireplace in a location that will be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Corners are a popular location for many installations as it makes arranging furniture easier and creates a focal point for many room arrangements. However, in many cases fireplaces are added to the room for functionality. In these cases homeowners can select a model that is low profile and can be positioned in nearly any area without drawing too much attention. It is important to ensure that the position will allow for rearrangements and fits in with room layouts and traffic patterns.


Wood burning fireplaces traditionally are designed with a hearth and a mantel, which helps with functionality and design. A traditional fireplace design allows for the storage of wood for fuel and provides a surface for decoration and seating. Traditional wood burning fireplaces can bring a cosy feel to a room but can take up a lot of space. Rustic settings are enhanced a great deal by a traditional fireplace and look very natural. Traditional fireplaces can be designed from stone or evoke old-fashioned cast iron stoves.

Modern styles

There are many modern styles for wood burning stoves and fireplaces can be found that will fit in with even the most chic loft. Designs are available that are small and fashionable and provide an area with warmth and natural light. Modern styles are created with artistic designs in mind and can tie in with many modern room designs.

Wood storage

It is important to keep storage in mind when planning for a wood burning fireplace. Users will want to create a place that is accessible yet far enough away from the fireplace to reduce hazards. Creating an in wall cabinet for wood storage can be a great way to conceal the mess of wood chips and debris. A more simple solution is to use a large tub or basket to store the wood.

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