What Are the Duties of a Supply Teacher?

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Supply, or substitute, teachers play an invaluable role in the schooling system, filling in for regular teachers when they can't fulfil their duties due to illness or important personal matters. These educators are utilised in primary and secondary education and cover positions in special needs schools, too. Supply teachers may have a variety of duties throughout the day.

Main Duties

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A substitute teacher is typically required to carry out the same activities that are assigned to regular teachers, according to Eteach.com. Such duties may include supervising children during break times, overlooking pupils leaving and entering school premises and overseeing additional classes due to the unexpected absence of another teacher. These positions instruct a given class in line with the curriculum laid out by a particular school district. Most regular teachers plan their lesson schedules in advance, so their temporary replacements are likely to have set subject material on any given day. If a teacher has been called away from the school unexpectedly, a supply teacher will need to construct lesson plans based on the guidelines of the school curriculum.

Additional Duties

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Supply teachers should arrive early for work on requested days, as observed on the Teachers UK website. They also are expected to match any outstanding class work with the curriculum and conduct themselves in a courteous fashion to pupils, fellow staff members and any visiting parents. They should be aware of school procedures, like completing the correct paperwork for late arriving pupils, giving permission for students to leave class early or providing access to resources such as computers or textbooks. A supply teacher will keep the classroom in order and provide a brief report on the day's activities for the returning teacher, such as any problems encountered with pupils and the subject material covered.

Upholding Standards

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A substitute teacher is required to act in a way that doesn't have a detrimental effect on the school's reputation by consistently upholding its standards, as indicated on the ATL website. This may include keeping any personal data in relation to a school or its pupils confidential. They are expected to work in cooperation with other staff members and to accept the instructions of the school line manager. If there are any concerns about pupil discipline or inappropriate behaviour, she should refer to the line manager immediately for guidance. She is also expected to voice any concerns over health and safety issues and refer to the school policy for further guidance.

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