Education grants for homeschooled children

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Families who opt to homeschool their children are able to apply for and use educational grants to help cover the costs of education. These families can apply for scholarships intended to help them continue homeschooling their children by applying for assistance. Some families opt to homeschool based on religious beliefs; if their children opt to attend a Christian college, they won't be able to access financial aid through the government and must find private funding.

Children of Single Parents Fund

This fund assists parents struggling with financial hardship through no fault of their own. These grants are limited to one per family and are based on financial need. Families who apply for this fund submit an application, which is subjected to a "selective review process," according to the Home School Foundation website.

Eligible Christian families who are "training their children in the Lord" are able to apply for one-time-only assistance; this is not ongoing assistance.

Compassion Fund

This fund provides assistance to homeschooling families in need. Families who are experiencing a natural disaster or other extreme financial crisis are eligible to apply for assistance, according to the Home School Foundation website.

Donated funds that have not been designated for another fund or need are deposited into the Compassion Fund. This helps support other homeschooling related costs and Foundation costs.

Members Helping Members Fund

The Members Helping Members Fund is intended to be provided in scholarships to homeschooling families undergoing financial difficulties caused by circumstances beyond the family's control--job loss, family crisis or serious illness, according to the Home School Foundation website.

Scholarships awarded are full or partial; the fund is set up so that members who are able can donate funds to a family in need of funding.

Scholarships are limited to members of the Home School Legal Defense Association or HSLDA.

Special Needs Children's Fund

The Special Needs Children's Fund provides financial assistance to homeschooling families who are struggling with financial difficulties. Families who receive assistance from this specific fund must have a child with a special learning need.

In order to qualify for this fund, families need to be members of HSLDA for a minimum of six months, according to the Home School Foundation website.

Money from this fund is used to pay for therapies needed by the child, testing, equipment, and any specialised learning materials the child needs. Families who are homeschooling a child with learning disabilities, vision or hearing impairments, mental retardation and other "severe" disorders and who are members of the HSLDA are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Because of the increase in families who indicate they are homeschooling a child with special needs, HSLDA developed a special needs coordinator to help the families access the help they needed. In 2002, the Special Needs Children's Fund was created.

PHC Scholarship Fund

The Patrick Henry Scholarship--for HSLDA members--was set up to reward children exhibiting "academic excellence and exemplary leadership" with scholarships aimed at covering college tuition costs at Patrick Henry College.

Eligible students must be members of HSLDA attending Patrick Henry College full-time, have a high school record of "outstanding academic achievement and community service" and qualify for financial aid. In 2009, HSLDA awarded scholarships ranging from £650 up to £975 to deserving freshmen attending Patrick Henry College, according to the Home School Foundation website.

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