Garage Loft Ideas

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A garage loft provides you with endless possibilities to complete a conversion of your garage loft. Possibly, your garage loft may be used for storage items or you may want to turn the garage loft into an extra room for your home.

When converting your garage loft into an extended room, consider hiring professionals for the construction and building of your room, unless of course you have the skill to do this project.


Converting your garage loft into an apartment will serve a dual purpose. You will add value to your home, as well as receive extra income. Contact professionals when converting your garage loft into an apartment. You will want to ensure the garage loft apartment complies with the building codes of your state. Incorporate a kitchenette and bathroom into the apartment. Renters will want these types of amenities. These will allow a much quicker rental of your garage loft apartment. To keep your privacy intact, you will want to consider building a private staircase on the backside of your garage for tenants to enter their apartment.

Office or Study

Perhaps you need a quiet room dedicated for an office or study, but your main home does not have any extra rooms you could convert into such a space. Your garage loft would provide that added room for your office or study. Line the walls with bookshelves, files and a computer desk. You may have to install Internet access and a telephone line in your garage loft. If you run a business from home, this will make sure that your clients do not need to enter your main home in order to do business with you. An office in your garage loft will provide you the privacy needed when conducting your work.


Remove your current playroom inside your home, and relocate it in your garage loft. Once again, before converting your garage loft into a playroom, check the building codes for your state. Paint the walls a cheery colour and decorate in a child's theme. For example, you could paint the walls of the playroom yellow, and decorate the room with animals. This will ensure that your children's toys do not clutter your home. Include a small table and chair set, or picnic table in your playroom, as this will provide you place to feed your children lunch and snacks while playing.


An empty garage loft provides the opportunity to convert the space into an extra bedroom. You could use the bedroom as a guest room, an older child's bedroom separate from the house for added privacy or convert it into the master suite of your dreams. Let your imagination run wild when designing your extra bedroom. For example, if a master bedroom will replace your empty garage loft, consider romantic lighting and soft, elegant paint colours for your walls. Adding an extra bedroom onto your home will increase your home's market value.