Bathroom Window Covering Ideas

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Bathroom window treatments are sometimes merely functional, or they can add a decorative touch to your bathroom. When choosing window coverings for a bathroom, consider the need for privacy and the high humidity in the space. You do not have to sacrifice style for function, however.

When choosing bathroom window coverings, consider humidity levels in the space, your light and privacy issues, as well as the look that you want to achieve. Choices are available to accommodate all of your needs.


Bathroom curtains can add a soft touch to a room that has so many hard surfaces. One option is to use a sheer drape to allow the light to filter through. You can pull it to the side or let it fall over the window for more coverage. You can add a window shade to pull for privacy. Another choice is a long scarf that you can drape over a decorative rod. Softer fabrics, such as cotton, voile or lace, give a light airy feel to the bathroom. If your space allows, try a long drape that pools on the floor. Use a single panel, and pull it to one side with a fabric tie or decorative drapery hook.


If your window is large or over the tub a blind is an option. Use wood slats or faux wood blinds in the same wood tone as your cabinets for a more finished look. Choose bamboo blinds to give a clean, designer look to your bathroom. You always have the option of traditional white mini blinds. Aluminium slatted blinds are suited to a contemporary room, while white wooden blinds give a country feel. Blinds give added privacy to your bathroom. Placing plants in front of them softens the appearance.


Glass block windows can fill in any size window opening. They are ideal over a tub or in a shower. They provide privacy while allowing light in. The light changes throughout the day to lend interest to the space. Don't add curtains to a glass block window. Add a ventilation fan to reduce humidity if there are no other windows in the room. Frosted windows also add privacy. Although you do not need a curtain for privacy with a frosted window, a curtain adds a decorative touch. Decorative leaded glass windows are another option and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.