Teenager Birthday Ideas in Maidstone

birthday image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.com

Maidstone is a village in Kent, located in the U.K. The area is a bustling suburb and has plenty of entertainment options, especially for those looking to host a teenage birthday party.

The area can inspire plenty of ideas, and with some tips and guidance, coming up with teenage birthday ideas in Maidstone can make for a stress-free and rewarding celebration.

Maidstone Dance Studios

Maidstone Dance Studios is a dance centre in Maidstone with teachers on hand to lead several types of classes. The centre can be the venue of a teenage dance party, where guests can learn how to salsa, mambo, or jazz dance. The centre has a number of teachers and can accommodate up to 30 guests. Be sure to call with enough notice to reserve the studio for the day of the party.

Maidstone Dance Studios 2 Brunswick St. E. Maidstone ME15 7UX, UK 01622 746 835 maidstonedancestudios.co.uk

Pizza Express

Maidstone's Pizza Express is one of the town's largest pizza venues, with enough room to accommodate large parties. For a teenage birthday party, Pizza Express can rent out private areas for guests to sit, and has set menus that offer pizza, salads, sodas and desserts for the entire party. Call at least one month in advance to arrange and get prices. Cost per person is cheaper the larger the group size is.

Pizza Express 32-34 Earl St. Maidstone, Kent ME14 1PS, UK 01622 683 549 pizzaexpresslive.co.uk‎

Odeon Cinema

The Odeon Cinema in Maidstone is a pleasant setting for a teenage movie birthday. Rent a screen for the afternoon and let guests enjoy their own private screening of a blockbuster movie. Call the cinema a few months in advance to make sure a screen will be available on the day of the party, and to arrange prices. Renting a screen includes a snack option, allowing guests to choose from popcorn, candy and soda items.

Odeon Cinema Barker Road Maidstone ME16 8DW, UK 0871 224 4007 odeon.co.uk