Spanish classroom activities with food vocabulary

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The best way to promote learning of foreign-language vocabulary is to make lessons interactive by using new vocabulary in classroom activities. You can help your pupils engage with Spanish food vocabulary by incorporating student activities into your lesson plans.


Have students create original recipes in Spanish, or translate an existing recipe. They may outline a single dish or an entire meal. If you have the facilities available, you might even consider spending one lesson cooking with your class.


Direct the students to create a skit of a scene in a Spanish restaurant. They can write and recite a dramatic scene about ordering and consuming a meal. Students may either submit a video of their skit, or perform them live in class.


For this activity, students must write a menu for a cafe or restaurant. Each menu item can include a description of the dish and a price. The length and detail of the menu is at your discretion, based on the experience level of your students.


Over the course of the unit, ask one or two students per lesson to bring in food or drinks for the class. Have each student describe their dish to the class in Spanish. Alternatively, you could consider holding a potluck lunch in Spanish. Be sure to check for food allergies before assigning this activity.

Food in Culture

Ask students to research and present on a particular food from Spanish, Mexican or Latin American culture. Examples of potential foods include salsa, flan and paella. If desired, you may ask students to bring examples of their food for the class.