Games that teach organisational skills

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Organisation skills are critical for sorting information, remembering important details, and being able to make sense of the surrounding environment. Some people naturally have better organisational skills than others, but anyone can learn to improve organisational skills through a number of fun activities. These include games such as sorting, puzzles, duelling cards, or memorisation.


Sorting objects is a game typically played by children who are better suited to learn through visual stimulation. It can be a way to learn categorical organisation. Find household or outdoor objects such as buttons, pens, rocks, leaves, coins and keys. Lay the objects out on a flat surface and practice sorting the objects in different ways, such as by size, colour or type. Adults also may benefit from this game by sorting more complex objects, such as files, receipts, books or CDs. The objects can be sorted by type, shape, date or in alphabetical order.


Puzzles also help people learn organisational skills visually. Puzzles are good for learning where objects should be placed in a scheme by envisioning a larger picture. Puzzles also help people learn how to patiently think through an organisational process before rushing headlong without a plan in place. Puzzles come in a variety of pictures and difficulty levels, and people can acquire more difficult puzzles once they master easier ones.

Duelling cards

Duelling card games, such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, require people to learn strategic methods of organisation by having them acquire and rearrange a duelling deck, assess available resources, and use the most effective card for a situation. Duelling card games are typically easy to learn and play, but have the potential to become intensive hobbies as people acquire more cards, become more resourceful, and learn more complex strategies.


Memorisation games require people to keep several objects in their mind at once. It promotes learning techniques which aid in remembering important details. Memorisation games include hearing a string of words and trying to recall them, or playing a game of matching cards and trying to remember which cards are which while the cards lay face-down.

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