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List of General Office Duties

Updated July 20, 2017

A person who begins to work in an office must perform certain tasks that are required for the company. Someone working in an office setting may be responsible for filing papers, taking phone messages and typing on the computer. These are the most general office duties and someone working in an office must be able to complete these tasks.

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Filing Papers

Offices generate a lot of paperwork, which must be sorted and put in their proper place. Filing papers requires an organised person to separate the papers and file them along with similar files. These files are typically organised alphabetically. There are usually a lot of papers to be filed, so someone working in this position must be fast and efficient.

Phone Messages

A person working in an office setting may be responsible for answering the phone and taking messages for other employees in the company. She must be friendly and able to write down and relay complete messages to her coworkers. A person in this position can be responsible for hundreds of calls per day, keeping her busy taking messages and making calls.


Companies hire office workers who have exemplary typing skills so they can enter information into the computer and perform basic typing tasks, including typing memos and letters. Someone in this position must be able to type quickly to keep up with the work they are given. They also need to have experience in the Microsoft Office suite of computer programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.

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