Most common uses for hardwood plywood

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Hardwood plywood is made from binding together three or more thin veneers/layers of wood with a strong adhesive. The resulting material has uniform strength--since its comprising piles of wood are bound at right angles to each other. Hardwood plywood is strong, durable and is resistant to cracking and splitting.

The most common types of wood used to make hardwood plywood include walnut, maple, mahogany, oak, birch and gum. Hardwood plywood panels come in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 0.25 inches to 1.25 inches.

Musical Instruments

Hardwood plywood is used to make the wood for various musical instruments, such as the violin, guitar and piano. It is also used to make solid bases for electronic musical instruments.

Sporting Equipment

Hardwood plywood is used to make a variety of sporting equipment and parts, including bowling lane channels, tennis rackets, archery bows, lacrosse sticks, water skis, snow skis, skateboards, table tennis paddles, hockey sticks and golf club heads.


Hardwood plywood is available in various grades and types. It is graded on both its face and the back face. Veneer-core plywood is used to make cabinets. The standard veneer core hardwood plywood is 0.75 inches thick and is made up of seven layers: two outer veneers and five inner hardwood piles between them. Other furniture items made from hardwood plywood include book shelves, chairs, tables, chests, stereo and television cabinets.


Lumber core hardwood plywood is commonly used for decorative applications. It is made of a core of solid lumber that is up to one inch in thickness. Lumber core hardwood plywood is used mainly for decorative and aesthetic purposes. It provides a highly attractive wood surface that costs considerably less than solid lumber. Its construction process makes hardwood plywood stable and resistant to contraction and expansion (due to changes in humidity). Architectural applications of hardwood plywood include floor tiles, decorative wall panels for interiors, doors and fixtures.


Hardwood plywood is used to make cases and packages that are used to hold power tools, cutting and repair tools, electrical and medical equipment and mobile devices. Hardwood plywood packaging also comes equipped with compartments, dividers and shock absorbing foam to further protect its components.

Toys and Playground Equipment

Numerous toys, dollhouses and playground equipment (swing sets, tree houses, swings, trapeze bars, playhouses, sand boxes/sand pits, climbing frames and play castles) are made with hardwood plywood.