September Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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September brides have many options when it comes to wedding planning. When summer is ending and fall is just beginning, weather conditions may be right for an outdoor wedding, and nature provides its own decorating ideas. September wedding bouquet ideas help brides make the most out of the season and the occasion.


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Fall wedding bouquets are, traditionally, a little neater and more stylised than summer or spring bouquets. Summer and spring flowers may be looser to give wedding flowers a garden look, but fall weddings call for neater flowers. Wrap stems with dark-coloured ribbon to keep the bouquet looking manicured.


Choosing seasonal flowers is an important consideration for any September wedding. Blooms that are in season are more cost-effective than flowers which must be grown in greenhouses out of season, and they look more natural for the month. Asters, calla lilies, delphiniums, gladiolas, hydrangeas, peonies and sunflowers all bloom during the fall naturally. Flowers that bloom during fall are not just cheaper, they also fit the theme of a September wedding.


The colours traditionally associated with fall are vivid and rich, much darker than the pastel tones commonly seen in spring celebrations. Choose flowers in bold shades of red and orange to create a classic fall look. Bright yellow, deep purple and deep greens are also good choices for September wedding bouquets. Add accents of pink and white to lighten up the look of the bouquet. Rich fall colours will catch the eye and suit the season of the wedding.


Add embellishments to the bouquet to expand on the fall theme of the wedding. Add leaves and berries, which are commonly found in nature during September, to give bouquets texture. Feathers and ferns also add a unique texture to fall wedding bouquets.