Christmas party game ideas for adults

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With Christmas fast approaching, you want to celebrate the holiday season by throwing the best party for your loved ones. Though you may have the decorations, food and ambience already planned out, you may have overlooked a crucial part of any Christmas party---the special Christmas games. And for a guest list filled primarily with adults, you need games that entertain more mature minds.

Carols in Pairs

This is a game for Christmas carol enthusiasts. First come up with some famous Christmas carols your guests might know. For instance, anything from "O Holy Night" to "Frosty the Snowman" work well. Write each title down on a slip of paper, and make two copies for each song. Produce enough slips of paper so that every player gets one. Place the folded slips of paper into a bowl and have everyone pick one. On the count of three, all of the guests start humming the song they have written on their cards. Everyone has to try to distinguish which player has the matching song by listening to everyone's humming. The game ends when all players have found their partners, according to

My Dream Gift

Determine how well your party guests know one another by playing this Christmas game by Give everyone a piece of paper and ask them to write down what they want for Christmas. You can introduce limitations such as price to make the game more difficult for players later on. Once everyone has written down a dream gift, collect all of the papers and mix them up. Call out the Christmas gifts one by one and have everyone write down on a numbered piece of paper their guesses as to which people wanted which gifts. After everyone has written down the guesses, review the answers. The person who has the most correct guesses wins the game.

Mystery Stocking Game

To begin, take a large stocking from the fireplace mantel and place inside it several items associated with Christmas, such as candy canes, mistletoe and ornaments, suggests, or for a twist, add items such as a shot glass and bottle opener. Close the top of the stocking by wrapping some ribbon around it. Group the players into a few teams. Pass the stocking around from one group to the next until every group has had three minutes to feel the stocking and write down all of the items they think are inside it. Go over all of the teams' guesses to determine who came up with the most correct answers. That team wins the game.

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