Creative Bible Character Costume Ideas

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There are a number of famous characters in the Christian Bible that make dependable fodder for Halloween costumes, such as a bearded Jesus, a white-robed God, or a pitchfork-carrying Satan.

Yet, the Bible also contains a wealth of other colourful figures who, with a little creativity, can serve as excellent inspiration for a creative costume.

John The Baptist

John the Baptist lived in the wilderness and had a long, scraggly beard. Model your costume after a hobo, but be sure to throw in John's ever-present wooden staff.


The more mischievous of Adam's two sons, Cain killed his brother, Abel, because his father favoured him. When asked where his brother was, Cain famously replied, "Am I my brother's keeper?" A person dressed as Cain should carry a knife and wear a "Who? Me?" expression.

  • The more mischievous of Adam's two sons, Cain killed his brother, Abel, because his father favoured him.


The wisest of David's sons, Solomon was famous for his good advice and his great wealth. A good Solomon costume should include a diamond necklace and a baby doll cut in half.

Mary Magdalene

One of Jesus' foremost female followers, Mary Magdalene has been traditionally portrayed (incorrectly, in fact) as a prostitute. Wear something sexy and accent it with a crucifix or two.


The King of Babylon and a fierce warrior, Nebuchadnezzar is typically depicted with Arabic-style armour, a sword, a shield and a neatly trimmed beard.

St. Peter

Peter, one of Jesus' disciples, is traditionally depicted carrying a set of keys---the keys to the kingdom of heaven. In the Book of Matthew, he stabs a Roman soldier, so a sword might be appropriate as well.


Absalom was the rebellious son of King David, who made war on his father. A modern interpreter might want to model his costume after James Dean in "Rebel Without A Cause." Absalom dies when he is gored by an oak tree branch, which could serve as a prop.


The betrayer of Jesus, Judas should be portrayed carrying the 30 gold pieces he received for selling out Christ. He was also said to have kissed Jesus before betraying him, so be sure to kiss everyone in sight.

The Whore of Babylon

A prominent character in the Book of Revelation, the whore of Babylon is a female counterpart to the Antichrist. The bible describes her as wearing purple and scarlet clothes and heavy jewellery, and carrying a gold cup. She also is said to ride a seven-headed beast, but that may be harder to come by.


A beautiful woman, Bathsheba attracted the eye of King David, who, in seeking to marry her, sent her husband off to the front lines of war to be killed. A woman dressing as Bathsheba might want to wear all black, as if in mourning, and carry the letter she receives announcing her husband's death.