Popular spanish breakfast foods

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In Spain, breakfast is usually the smallest meal of the day. Breakfast is something to tide you over until lunch---the biggest meal of the day. Almost all Spanish breakfast foods are sweet pastries or doughs, and are eaten with Café con leche (milky coffee) or thick hot chocolate.

Despite the availability of breakfast cereals and other alternatives, traditional breakfast foods are still the most popular in Spain.


Bolos are a favourite Spanish breakfast food. They are a sweet roll pastry, often simply dipped in coffee, or eaten with jam. Bolos are usually eaten warmed up or fresh from the oven. Bolos are similar in their light and flaky texture to a croissant.


Churros are a famous Spanish breakfast food, gaining popularity as a sweet snack around the world. Churros are also called Spanish doughnuts, although they are not round. Churros are short sticks of fried dough with fluted sides, most often served dusted in cinnamon and sugar. They are traditionally dipped into coffee or hot chocolate for breakfast. Churros can be made at home, but there are dedicated Churros makers who have perfected the art, so most people buy them freshly made in the morning.


According to Spain Recipes, magdalenas are traditional breakfast cupcakes that are usually bought from the local bakery. Magdalenas are rich but fluffy and have a hint of lemon to them. Like most of the Spanish breakfast foods, magdalenas are eaten alongside coffee or chocolate.


Torrijas are essentially the Spanish version of French toast. Traditionally eaten as an Easter breakfast, torrijas are now widely enjoyed throughout Spain for breakfast any time of year. The basic mixture to soak the bread in is eggs, milk and sugar, but this is often accentuated with variations like cinnamon, wine syrup or honey.

Spanish Tortilla

The Spanish tortilla is also called a Spanish omelette, and unlike traditional American omelettes, doesn't have cheese. A Spanish tortilla is in fact a very thick fried egg mixture that includes boiled potato and onions. A Spanish tortilla is usually around 1 to 1 ½ inches thick, and slices are cut out of it like a cake. Spanish tortilla is enjoyed for breakfast in many parts of Spain, and is especially popular when the normal light breakfast foods will not tide over until lunch time.