Things to Do for Your Birthday With Friends

Lasting birthday memories are best shared with friends. Your birthday is a time to celebrate your successes and allow yourself to feel special and appreciated for one day. When it comes to celebrating your birthday with friends, plan your day around activities that you will enjoy. Remember, you are the star of the show.

Host a Party

When hosting a party for your birthday focus on fun themes. Popular party themes include those celebrating a specific decade or those celebrating a particular cuisine or culture. Decade parties can be a fun way to relive younger days by remembering the music and fashion of your youth. Celebrate the days of big bangs and neon-coloured clothes by breaking out the leg warmers and jamming to some popular music of the time, including Madonna and Michael Jackson. Have guests arrive in 80s attire.

Other ideas for hosting a party include celebrating your favourite foods and cultures. Mexican fiestas and luaus are easy ways to celebrate with good food and fun. For a Mexican fiesta, consider providing a taco bar for easy food preparation, and of course don't forget the margaritas. Luaus can bring together island fare with fun games, including the limbo.

Head Outdoors

Heading outdoors is a great way to celebrate your birthday. Consider getting away for the weekend, or just one night, for camping with some of your closest friends. Instead of cake and ice cream, roast marshmallows and s'mores over a bonfire. Canoe trips can provide a day of fun for you and your friends. Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic along the river. For birthday celebrations during colder weather, celebrate with an organised snowball fight followed by some hot cocoa and movies at your house. Have a party at a local ski lodge. Whether for the day or the weekend, ski resorts can accommodate small and large groups of people and offer something for all skill levels.

Get in Shape

For those looking for a unique way to celebrate their birthdays with friends, consider celebrating by getting in shape. Ask friends and relatives to celebrate your birthday with you by participating in a 5K race or similar event for charity. You'll enjoy knowing you're supporting a good cause while celebrating a healthy and active lifestyle as you age. Contact your local gym. Some gyms host birthday parties for groups, complete with entertainment and specialised one-on-one fitness advice. Another simple way to celebrate your birthday with friends in a healthy fashion is to take a bicycle ride or walk around a local park.

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