40th Birthday Trip Ideas

cycling image by Vadimone from Fotolia.com

Take an exotic 40th birthday trip to celebrate your special day. Choose from a location you have always dreamed of visiting or select one centred around activities you enjoy. Visit a location that is in the middle of a festival or event, and you will feel like the whole area is celebrating your big day with you.

Dream Vacation

Sip a tropical drink as you tan on the beaches of Tahiti or dip yourself into the ocean to cool off. Or, surf the North Shore in Hawaii before you attend a luau at night. Perhaps you have thought about skiing the slopes or snow dog sledding in Sweden by day and relaxing before a cosy fire at a luxurious resort by night. Maybe it was Thailand that caught your eye with the abundance of monkeys, elephant rides and exotic culture or an African safari among lions, tigers, zebras and giraffes. Your 40th birthday is a good time to fulfil your dreams.

Activity Vacation

Choose an activity you want to learn or like to do and plan your vacation to that activity. Dance the Flamenco or photograph the colourful architecture of Madrid in Spain. Sail the Aegean Sea in Greece and visit the Acropolis and the white washed villas of Santorini. If golf is more your style, take a golf and whiskey tour in Scotland. Or, if wine is your passion, consider a wine tour of Italy combined with a culinary class.

Country Celebrations

For a July birthday, run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain or watch the Tour de France. For a March birthday, you can spend five days celebrating St Patrick's Day in Ireland. During the spring and autumn equinox, visit Chizen Itza to see the serpent of light highlighted on the pyramid. Or visit Stonehenge during the winter equinox or summer solstice to celebrate the shortest and longest day of the year. Samba down the streets of Brazil as you attend Carnival, if your 40th birthday falls around and before Ash Wednesday.