Birthday Ideas for Men Turning 30

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A man's 30th birthday is a major milestone in his life--a new chapter that often brings along major life changes. Some men have established families of their own by the time they reach age 30, so if this is the case, get the kids involved. If the man in your life is turning 30th soon, there are a few things you can do to make his birthday spectacular.

Picture Collage

A picture collage displaying a man's life over the past 30 years can serve as a gift and entertaining piece of art for guests. The collage will need to be about seven or eight feet wide featuring photos of the birthday guy's life from birth to age 30. The collage can be displayed on a wall at the party for easy visibility. The pictures should be 5-by-7 inches or larger.

The age can be displayed at the bottom of the photo. The collage will be very large, so you will need to buy large paper that can be rolled out at a craft store. This decoration will span across the room. If the man turning 30 has toys and other items from his childhood, those can be displayed as well. This idea works well for a man who is sentimental or someone with a sense of humour.

30 Balloon Letters

Invite 30 or more people to the party and ask each guest to write a letter, one paragraph or longer, about how the birthday guy has affected his life. The letters can include funny stories or words of appreciation and encouragement. On the day of the party, stretch the opening of the balloons, roll the letters up and place them inside.

The room will be filled with balloons, so they will be serve as nice decorations, but each balloon sends a vital message to the birthday boy. Make sure the balloons go home with him, and as each one pops, he will read a nice letter that is sure to keep a smile on his face for months.

30 Cakes

If you plan on throwing a big party for the man turning 30, then you can do something different when it comes to the cake. Rather than having one large cake, you could actually have 30 different cakes custom made for the party with photo images on them.

Advise the baker to bake a variety of cakes, each with an image of the birthday man from age 1 to 30. Take a picture of the cakes spread out on a table before anyone digs in. This is something that belongs in a scrapbook.

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