Quick Art Projects for Primary School

Paint brush and aqua paints image by PaulPaladin from Fotolia.com

Primary school students are inquisitive and love to experiment by creating art. Art activities for primary students need to be quick and entertaining because of young students' short attention spans. There are many options for quick art projects, and they can be based on any theme like different mediums, holidays or books the students are reading in the classroom.

Foil and String Art

Provide students shapes cut out of cardboard, foil, string and glue. Have them draw a simple pattern on their cardboard shape and glue the string along the lines of their pattern. When the glue has dried, direct them to carefully wrap the shape with foil, making sure to press the foil around the string. When they are done, they will have created a unique product of their own design.

Autumn Leaf Activity

Display different autumn leaves that have started to change colour. Let students choose a leaf to trace onto a piece of white paper, then have them cut it out and colour the leaf autumn leaf colours using crayons. Instruct the students to leave parts of the leaf white, so that when they are finished colouring they can paint the leaf with green paint. The areas that are coloured with crayon will resist the green paint, while the white spaces will be green. Once the leaves have dried, students can create a class tree by fastening all of their leaves onto a teacher-created tree.

Eric Carle Art Activity

Eric Carle is a children's author famous for his vivid illustrations. Read and display an Eric Carle story to the class. Have the students discuss the different characteristics of Eric Carle's illustrations. After the discussion, direct them to create colourful art textures on a piece of paper using tempera paint. Once the page is dry, students can cut out shapes or objects out of the paper and glue them on to a piece of construction paper. If there is more time available, repeat this activity so that students can make a book of their own.

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