Hairstyles With Hawaiian Flowers

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A popular accessory to dress up many hairstyles is Hawaiian flowers. The most popular flowers used in hair include hibiscuses, orchids and irises. These flowers come in a range of sizes and shapes that adapt to many hairstyles.

Hairstyles involving Hawaiian flowers range from simple, natural looks to complicated, woven up-dos.

Behind the Ear

The most common use for Hawaiian flowers in a hairstyle is as an accent placed behind the ear. Behind the ear placement of a flower allows for any size, shape or type of flower to be used depending on the desired look. Hair may be styled as an up-do, partial up-do or naturally flowing. The flower should emphasise skin tone and compliment the hairstyle and clothing. Hibiscuses are the most commonly chosen Hawaiian flower for a more casual look and orchids for a more refined, elegant style. Some hairstyles require the flower to be pinned just above the ear on the side of the head or framing the face. If choosing smaller flowers, more than one flower or type of flower can be bunched together to form a larger piece.


A hairstyle involving a crown of flowers is popular for weddings and adds an air of wistfulness to the look. A crown of flowers is usually worn with a hairstyle that is down and flowing but can be incorporated into up-dos and partial up-dos as well. The crown of flowers sits on top or encircles the head. It can be very simple or complex involving both flowers and foliage or multiple types of flowers. Hairstyles with crowns are usually simple so that the crown has a strong anchoring point. Some popular styles include a full up-do with a classic or styled bun, a partial up-do with the hair tucked under itself or long, flowing curls. Popular Hawaiian flowers used in crowns include irises and many varieties of orchids and plumeria.


The most common hairstyles involving Hawaiian flowers are those that integrate the flowers into the style. Whether hair is gathered into a simple ponytail or an intricately woven up-do, integrating Hawaiian flowers into the style adds elegance to the look. Complicated, woven up-dos incorporate smaller Hawaiian flowers into the style to accent certain areas and to ensure that no one area of the style is completely covered by a flower. Larger Hawaiian flowers such as orchids or hibiscus usually adorn the side of a low-styled bun or a gathered low ponytail. Such flowers can also be placed in a line down the side of a higher up do.