Most Profitable Start-up Business Ideas

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The most profitable start-up business ideas require low upfront costs for you to sell certain products or services. Consider your skills, professional goals and personal interests to start a business that you can manage properly. Find out how to target and attract customers using the most profitable start-up business ideas that have been proven to last.

Bed and Breakfast

Provide lodging to men and women who are seeking hotel and motel alternatives by starting a bed-and-breakfast business. Lodging is one of the most profitable start-up business ideas because it can be operated directly from your home. Allow out-of-town guests to sleep in one or more bedrooms in your house. Charge daily rates for these accommodations and serve breakfast to your guests free of charge. Consider including other amenities such as cable television, Internet access, DVD movies, board games or dinner parties to keep guests entertained during their stay.

A bed and breakfast has greater potential for profitability when located in areas frequented by college students, adults on vacation, working professionals and other travellers. Expansion opportunities may allow you to increase the revenue generated from a bed-and-breakfast start-up business. You can expand lodging services throughout your entire home and move to live in another property. You can also purchase a separate residential property that can be used exclusively for the bed-and-breakfast business. Apply for a business license and contact your local building inspectors and zoning board to get approval to operate the bed and breakfast.

Wedding Planning Service

Offer to help plan wedding ceremonies and receptions for men and women in your town. The wedding industry is a constant business, and the assistance of a planner will appeal to couples overwhelmed with certain aspects of this event. A business license may be the only requirement to become a professional wedding planner depending on where you live. Obtaining certification as a wedding professional can also make your business legitimate and attract more clients. Offer to help brides and grooms plan their wedding for low rates to gain some experience while marketing your services.

Wedding planning tasks vary among couples but may include booking the ceremony venues, photographers and catering, and organising seating arrangements for guests. Build a collection of business cards or files that list experienced bridal stores, limousine companies, banquet facilities, travel agents and other wedding vendors.

Online T-shirt Store

Develop a small collection of T-shirt designs using art supplies or computer software programs. Add these designs to blank T-shirts for the purpose of creating product samples that can be used to start a business. Choose a name for your T-shirt line of apparel and a method of selling the product to customers. For example, purchase blank T-shirts at wholesale prices, add graphics and sell them directly to customers through your own website. Purchase web hosting services and an online shopping trolley or merchant account if the products will be sold on your own website.

Upload your designs to websites that provide on-demand apparel services. These websites typically will handle online orders, T-shirt production and order fulfilment for a flat fee and pay you all remaining profits. Purchase a domain name that reflects your T-shirt line to help customers become familiar with these products regardless of the sales method that you choose. Online T-shirt stores require low upfront costs and allow you to test their potential success without investing in large volumes of product inventory.

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