Alternatives to a smart board

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The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is a popular choice for schools and corporations, with touch technology that lets users interact with their computer from the convenience of a whiteboard. While SMART Board is certainly a market leader, there are many other choices in the interactive whiteboard arena, with options for all budgets and needs.


Promethean, a world leader in interactive learning technology, offers the ActivBoard line of interactive whiteboards. The entry-level ActivBoard 100 provides basic, economical interactivity with ActivInspire Personal Edition Software. The ActivBoard 300 and the ActivBoard 300 Pro provide expanded features such as wireless connectivity, stereo sound and dual-user functionality. Also available is the ActivBoard+2 system, which combines the ActivBoard with a short-throw projector in either fixed or adjustable options. Promethean offers a variety of ActivBoard accessories, such as the ActivWand, ActivSlate and ActivRemote, to enhance their interactive whiteboards. ActivBoard users also have access to Promethean Planet, a free online community that features lesson plans, themes, teacher support and professional development tools.

mimio Interactive Board

The mimio Interactive Board provides interactive teaching technology at a relatively low price. Users can choose from four board sizes with standard and widescreen displays, including high definition options. mimio Interactive Boards are designed to withstand active use, with a durable porcelain steel surface that carries a 50-year warranty. The board can be used up to 30 feet from the computer, with no need for cables. Also included is the mimio Studio software and the mimio Interactive stylus.

PolyVision Interactive Whiteboards

PolyVision combines more than 55 years of education experience with modern technology and environmental consciousness. The cost-effective and environmentally-certified ēno classic combines the features of a traditional markerboard, a magnet board and an interactive whiteboard, all without cords, cables or complicated installation. The ēno click puts the features of the ēno classic into an easy-to-install package that instantly mounts and dismounts without tools or hardware. Both the ēno classic and the ēno click come with a forever warranty. In addition to the ēno series, PolyVision offers the TS Series and Walk-and-Talk interactive whiteboards.

Epson BrightLink 459Wi

Epson's BrightLink 459Wi combines an ultra-short throw projector with digital infrared pens to transform a standard whiteboard or wall into an interactive learning site. The BrightLink mounts to the wall and can project from only two inches away, with potential image sizes ranging from 55 to 96 diagonal inches. The equipment is cross-compatible with most educational software, applications and devices, allowing educators to incorporate the BrightLink into their existing curriculum.

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