Small garden decking ideas

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Decks and gardens are the gentle merging of structures and organic property within your own home. There are a number of ways to incorporate your garden into your deck or vice versa with the proper small garden decking ideas.

Small Garden on Deck

By building a wooden border on the edge of the deck, you can create area for your own small garden on the deck itself. Think of it as a place to pour a large soil bed within the wooden borders where you can plant flowers, herbs or vegetable bearing plants all in one place. Depending on the size of your deck, you can build a number of these wooden beds on the deck itself and have small gardens along the edges or in the middle of the deck. Make sure you line these beds properly so that the wood is not damaged by the dampness of the soil or the roots of the plants.

Garden Within the Deck

By cutting out a small garden-sized hole in the middle of the deck, you can create a unique small garden tended to from the comfort of the wooden deck. This hole can be whatever size you want, but should be large enough for you to effectively tend to the plants you have growing in your small garden. If your deck is elevated, you may want to build a platform underneath it with a bed of soil set in so that the plants in the small garden can be at the same height as the deck itself. You may want to build a fence or some type of edging around the small garden to protect it as well as whomever is walking on the deck itself.

Elevated Planters on Deck

By simply installing large planters on your deck, you create a garden that you can augment regularly and quite easily. Buy large planting trays made out of plastic and place them on tables situated in different areas on the deck, depending on where you want your small garden located in relation to your deck furniture. These plastic trays will catch and hold the water and plant food you add to your garden and the elevated tables will allow the plants to be closer to the sun. It will also keep you from having to bend over, squat or lean down to tend to these plants. This is an excellent temporary solution for a small garden on your deck when you are only a seasonal gardener.