Preschool growing theme ideas

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Preschool growing themes can feature just about anything that starts small and grows large. In a classroom, there are many ways to study the growth of animals, plants and people. Children enjoy watching plants grow, studying baby animals and cataloguing their own growth throughout the year.

Giant Paper Flower

A giant paper flower symbolises life and growth. At the beginning of the school year, encourage each child to make a flower that is at least five feet tall. Make the flowers out of card stock paper or other large roll-out paper found at craft or school supply stores. Have the children draw on the leaves and stems, or make them out of green construction paper. Use a black marker to write the measurements from one to five feet on the stem of each flower.

Help each child write her name on her flower and tape this project on the wall of the preschool. Every two months, line the children up next to their flowers and record their measurements. Each child can clearly see how tall they grew over the course of the school year.

Real Flowers

Another excellent preschool growing theme involves real flowers. To do this project, have each child plant seeds in a flower pot. Teach lessons about how flowers grow and encourage the children to notice the changes in their flowers every time they come to school. Make the children responsible for watering their flowers. You can also use other plants like peas or tomatoes. The idea is to teach the kids about how plants grow.

Baby Animals

Teach the children how baby animals grow. Choose one animal or several animals from each category. For example, you might feature baby ducklings one week and kittens the next. Choose different categories of animals so children can learn the differences between mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, etc.

For instance, teach the children about baby turtles and how they grow in their eggs. Have the kids draw pictures of the different stages of turtle development. Explain the stages or provide photos and ask the kids to make drawings. This will teach them about the progression of life.