Things to Do for Your Husband's Birthday

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Planning birthdays for your spouse can be a daunting task if you have spent many years together. Whether your husband enjoys sophisticated events, playing cards with friends or is a sports enthusiast, you can find a way to create an unforgettable day for your husband.

Ballroom Masquerade Surprise Party

For a sophisticated night on the town, throw your husband a Masquerade Surprise Party. Ask him to accompany you to a gala event where a live jazz or contemporary band will be playing. You will need to rent a hotel ballroom or local event space and tell invited friends and family to arrive an hour earlier than you will be arriving with your husband. When you and your husband arrive, the party will look like just another gala. Using a riser or platform, hire an announcer to introduce a "special guest" as you and your husband are walking in giving party guests the cue to yell surprise in unison.

Poker Night

Invite a few couples over and have a Texas Hold 'Em tournament with women on one team and men on the other. Decorate your home in casino style posters and art. Dim the lights with a spotlight on the casino table where you will be playing. Casino style card tables are available at party rental shops and at discount stores. Hire an event attendant dressed as a showgirl to serve food to players around the table, refill drinks and help clean up so that players have fewer interruptions during the game.

Sports Suite

If your husband is a sports fan, reserve a box suite at the venue of his favourite team for his birthday. He and his friends can enjoy a comfortable view of game with VIP treatment. Ensure that light refreshments are available for the group so that no one has to leave during the game. A myriad of options exist at sports venues to create a memorable occasion such as behind the scenes tours, mega screen messages, and opportunities to arrange autographs from players. Choose the best for your husband's personality which can serve as a finale to an eventful day out with the guys.