Art projects for adults

shell mosaic image by Chris Bibbo from

Even if you're not a full-time artist, there are easy and fun art projects that any adult can make in his or her spare time. Homemade art is a cheap way to adorn your living space, or even clothing, with aesthetic beauty while simultaneously engaging your creative side. Adult art projects can be created by yourself or as group projects.


If you want to add some new colour to a floor, coffee table or other part of the house, a mosaic is one of the most popular ways to engage in an adult art project. There are a few tools required when creating a mosaic, including grout and tile adhesive, tile snips, dry towels and wet sponges, and thick gloves. Realise that it isn't hard to accidentally cut yourself while breaking glass or ceramics for the mosaic, so keep a first aid kit nearby just in case of injury. You may improvise your own designs or purposefully combine colours to create images.

Splatter Painting

Also known as drip painting, splatter painting is a free-form expressionist style of art (originated by Jackson Pollock). Splatter painting takes many colours and drips them on top of a blank canvas that is laid on a flat surface, usually the floor. Any adult can accomplish this style of painting; some even say that this art looks like a child or monkey created it. But it is still a respectable art form, and if you have a large, empty room that allows you to throw paint around, you will be able to create a work of art that can later be hung on a wall in your house. Always wear clothes that you expect to get paint on when making these paintings.


There are many ways in which you could create some artistic clothes, whether you sew, crochet or knit something yourself, or infuse a graphic design onto a pre-existing article of clothing. If you decide to attempt the later, try making an iron-on that can be put onto a T-shirt. If you have a scanner on your computer, you can buy special paper that allows any scanned image to be printed onto the sheets that can later be ironed onto a T-shirt. Combine layers of words or images to create a work of art on a piece of fabric, and then wear it to parties to show off your work.

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