Early Signs of Leg Ulcers

Ulcers are open sores and/or wounds that will not heal completely. A common location for ulcers is on the legs and feet. If you are at risk for leg ulcers, there are a few early warning signs to be aware of.

Skin Damage

Blisters, cuts, sores or cracks of unknown origin in the skin are early signs of leg ulcers. If you notice skin damage, yet cannot trace it back to any known cause, you should look for any other early warning signs.


Consistent aching or sharp pains in one specific area of the leg could indicate the location of a leg ulcer. If this pain cannot be traced to any other known source, it may be an ulcer beginning to form


Leg ulcers typically occur as a result of poor circulation in the legs. For this reason, they are almost always accompanied by leg swelling, which will likely occur before the ulcer develops.

Burning and Itching

The person will often experience a burning or itching sensation around the site of an ulcer. The sensation is usually localised to the specific area of the leg ulcer.

Skin Discoloration

The skin around a leg ulcer will often turn red or brown. Look for unusual changes in the skin colour, even if an ulcer is not yet present; this may indicate that an ulcer is beginning to form.

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