Gifts from the best man to the groom

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As best man, you need to choose a gift for the groom that has a personal touch and not something the couple has registered at department stores. The best man is usually someone who is close to the groom such as a best friend, a brother, father, grandfather or son. Thus, it is in good taste to pick a gift that symbolises your close relationship with the groom.

Digital Camera

A digital camera isn't necessarily a sentimental gift for the groom, but is an ideal gift for capturing memorable moments on the honeymoon. Digital cameras also come in handy as the couple starts their new life together. Through the years, it allows them to capture memories that will stay with them for a lifetime such as anniversaries, vacations, their children growing up and more.

Dress Watch

A dress watch is a sentimental and useful gift to give to the groom before the wedding ceremony. The groom can debut the watch at his wedding, and it is a gift that will last for years to come. For an added touch, have the groom's name and even the date of the wedding engraved on the back of the watch to commemorate the special occasion.

Leather Wallet

A nice leather wallet or the more modern version, which is a combination leather wallet and money clip, makes a nice gift for the groom. A wallet is a practical gift that the groom can use on a daily basis as he starts out on his new adventure.


Cologne is a classic wedding gift for the best man to give the groom. When buying cologne, pick a scent that fits the personality of the groom. Avoid scents that are too sweet or too strong. Consider mild and relaxing scents that may include hints of cinnamon, jasmine, oak moss, rosemary or sandalwood.

Season Tickets

If the groom is a sports fan, then a terrific gift is a set of season tickets to his favourite team's games. He can take his bride, if she is a sports fan. If she isn't, he might invite you to accompany him.

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