18 years anniversary gifts

anniversary image by Arpad Nagy-Bagoly from Fotolia.com

If you are approaching your eighteenth wedding anniversary, you may feel uncertain about the most appropriate gift for your loved one. That may be because the eighteenth wedding anniversary feels a lot like a fifteenth or twenty-sixth birthday, in that it does not celebrate a "milestone year.

" But the eighteenth wedding anniversary is a big deal. You are only two years away from twenty years together, and every year counts. Celebrate your partner with an eighteenth wedding anniversary gift that reminds you partner how much you love him or her and are grateful for your years together. The gifts associated with the eighteenth wedding anniversary are porcelain and the gemstone called cat's eye.

Porcelain Limoges

Consider purchasing a unique anniversary Limoges made from porcelain. This gift is especially thoughtful if your partner is a collector of trinkets, figurines or ceramics. You can purchase Limoges that celebrate wedding anniversaries and you can have them customised to fit your eighteenth wedding anniversary message. You also can have a custom Limoges cast for your eighteenth wedding anniversary. Yet another idea is to gift your partner with a set of eighteen custom Limoges designed around your life together.

Porcelain Jewelry

Purchase a beautiful porcelain necklace, pendant, ring or other piece of jewellery. Porcelain jewellery is unique in that it sometimes has an artsy, modern feel. There are some pieces that take on a more traditional, even 1950s, look with simple and bright flowers. Choose a style you think your partner would enjoy wearing. Try to select a symbol that has some kind of meaning to the both of you. For example, if you have spent a good part of your life volunteering as advocates for the environment, then flower or tree earrings make a meaningful gift.

Cat's Eye Jewelry

Cat's eye, also known as chrysoberyl, is a gemstone that looks "like the eye of a sleek feline predator," writes the website Gemstone. It has a brown, golden, shimmery tone that seems to change as you rotate the stone in light. Cat's eye can be incorporated into both men's and women's jewellery. A few ideas are to purchase a large cat's eye pendant for a necklace for a woman. Buy cat's eye cuff links for a man.