Crazy 21st Birthday Cake Ideas

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Reaching the age of 21 is a landmark for anyone. You are on the cusp of adulthood but not quite there yet---the perfect excuse to party. Although you may feel that being 21 exempts you from having a birthday cake with balloons and party hats, it doesn't.

Party celebrations merely change, and the 21st birthday is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild when decorating the birthday cake.

Alcoholic Cake

Why not celebrate your 21st by making a rum cake? This traditional cake is available from most bakers and the recipe will be in most bakery books. Decorate the outside with miniature bottles of booze, available at any off-licence. You could also shape the entire cake to look like a wine bottle using one of the many templates available for baking.


What is the point of throwing a friend or family member a birthday party without embarrassing them? A 21st birthday party is the perfect opportunity; and with everyone's attention on the cake, you can put edible photographs on it. Pick a selection of one or two of the most embarrassing photographs you have---baby photos are always popular---and place them on the top. You can get a baker to make the edible photos easily; simply give them the picture and wait 24 hours. Use icing to write a slogan such as "Remember When" around the photos.


Another advantage of being 21 is that rude cakes are acceptable. Many bakers offer a selection of X-rated baked goods; or if you would rather not order in person, it is possible to order an erotic cake over the Internet. Many online bakers also provide a delivery service to make the process easier and less embarrassing. Erotic cakes can take the shape of various body parts, cheeky slogans or certain devices. If you would rather bake your own, it is possible to order templates from various websites as well. Most adult stores also carry baking templates in their novelty section.