Anniversary Tattoo Ideas

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Many couples desire something out of the ordinary on their anniversaries. Dinner and a movie just doesn't cut it for some. If you're thinking of getting "inked" as the perfect way to celebrate the years you've spent together, you are not alone.

Whether you go for a traditional design or something more extreme, getting a tattoo--with your significant other or as a surprise "gift"--will make the anniversary memorable.

Ideas From the Stars

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While many people love to get the names of loved ones tattooed on their bodies, consider an idea from Angelina Jolie, who gets tattoos for the map coordinates of her children's birthplaces. You could get a tattoo with the latitude and longitude of your wedding site, the place you met or a favourite place you love to visit together. You can wrap these numbers around your ankles or one of you can get only the latitude while the other gets the longitude.

The Key to Your Heart

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Many couples, no matter how long they have been married, still have a fear of getting their names tattooed on one another. If that is the case for you, consider an anniversary tattoo that displays a heart with a lock on your back shoulder, while your husband has an old fashioned skeleton key tattooed on his. The sentiment is that he will always have the one-and-only key to your heart.

Wedding Bands

Another idea that you can implement is the date of your wedding tattooed around your ring finger. These can either replace your traditional wedding bands or be worn underneath them. Either way, the special date makes for a wonderful reminder of your love for one another. It may even keep your husband out of the doghouse or at least without an excuse when it comes to recalling your anniversary.


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If you insist on getting tattooed with your names, perhaps you will concede to having your names inked in the Greek alphabet or using the Hebrew language as opposed to your native tongue. If you share the same surname, use it in place of first names. Displaying a shared last name connects you in a completely different way than dating couples who only get tattoos of each other's first names.

Finally, if you love large tattoos and you love telling the world you are the happiest married couple on the planet, have a copy of your wedding invitation or announcement tattooed. It's a unique jump from the norm, as far as norm and tattoos go, and one you can cherish together.